Hurray for Spring!

Hurray for Spring – time to clean the windows and let in the sun!

One of the students I’ve been working with almost fell off her stool when I proved I could indeed ask for 2 beetroots in Moroccan!

The 6th form BTEC students are busy designing and making glamorous ‘own label’ red dresses and once a week I’m there to aid and abet, maybe to give a different point of view, think about things from another position – very stimulating for me and I hope for them.

A recent short holiday chez my friend in Morocco resulted in the beetroot purchases – she suddenly had to be in hospital; I suddenly had to be the cook! She is the brilliant and witty ceramicist Stephenie Bergman, an old schoolfriend. She’s better now by the way, and I had the chance to read and draw and drowse in the sun.

from my sketchbook – Moroccan roof patterns

Check out the shows at The Fashion and Textile Museum “Designing Women” and “The Printed Square”, both fascinating displays for pattern lovers. They have a series of great lectures coming up, study days and all sorts of activities. I had a lovely evening there last week ‘in conversation’ with the curator Dennis Nothdruft – hoping to do more with them soon.

The V&A have a new little book – “V&A pattern:Liberty & Co”. The cover shows a long-lived and famous design by Susan and me – “Kazak” – collected as fabric by the museum in the 1970s. It’s very enticing – and and there are a couple more of our fabrics inside.


Need an infusion of colour, joy, energy? Go to the Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy. I love it; thank you David – for being on the planet and showing it to us so beautifully

The London Printmakers are exhibiting some handsome work skilfully made at very reasonable prices at The National Theatre. You can almost hear the kiss of the ink on those lino prints.

The Conran exhibition at The Design Museum  is now running until the 12th April – amongst the many iconic treasures there are a few of the very many patterns we, as Collier Campbell, supplied to Habitat during the ’70s and ’80s.

Digging in the sun this weekend the bees were buzzing, a gang of new ladybirds were marching in a line.

I saw my first butterfly of the year

and the robin came so close I could see his throat and chest swelling as he sang.

He prefers the bright green grubs to the browny worms – a bird after my own heart in every particular!

Finally today – having received quite a few requests for my sold-out 2012 calendar I have made a further small edition – contact me if you’d like me to send you one. (£15 + p&p).

March page

many thanks to Alan and Molly

16 thoughts on “Hurray for Spring!

  1. Such a lot of visual treasures, Sarah. Your Moroccan sketch captures the mood of the place beautifully.

    I love ‘Kazak’. When I passed my driving test (some while back) I covered the rather shabby car seats in that fabric as celebration. The lucky car in question was a 2CV Dolly in cream/burgundy and the earth-toned covers looked gorgeous – so gorgeous that I hardly had the heart to sell the car several years later. But I steeled myself and did. I’m sure the covers swung the sale!

  2. HI Sarah, I’m loving everything on this blog, adore the Moroccan roof design! I’m putting an order in for the calendar. Tracy xx

  3. We saw the ‘Designing Women’ show on Saturday its delightful one to be sure. We thought, not for the first time, that they must do a show about your’s and Susan’s phenomenal output.
    Love the blog its a great way to tell the ongoing story, hard work to fulfil but really worthwhile.
    Congratulations and love N & P xxx

  4. Wonderful, wonderful blog! Red dresses to die for. All heaven. And Moroccan roof patterns….everything

  5. The 6th formers are continually amazed by you Sarah, talking in Moroccan is another talent to add to a long list! Wonderful red dresses, I hope you will be pleased with the progress this week…the students are buying their fabric over Easter..then the real construction begins!

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