here, there and back again


The coffee table in the hotel lobby was a shiny wooden slab incised with a map of Manhattan. In the middle a deeper rectangle was carved and planted with grass – Central Park. The whole thing appealed to me in more than one way: clever, witty, useful and whimsical – and I love maps. Most of all I liked the idea of the grassy park; it reminded me of the little moss worlds I used to make on an old red tin tray when I was a child. Those mounds of soft spongey sphagnum with their tiny stalks of stars, dense green whiskery fernlets, cushions of moist velvets, pale lichens on twigs were all magical marvels to me. I loved to collect them with pebbles and gravel and set out miniature landscapes, hills and vales and river beds – and of course a lake made with an old powder-compact mirror.


imagesAs we flew in over London I looked down and for a rare moment had the feeling that this too was my land. At the same time I thought of the millions of displaced people with no place to call their own, the hundreds of seekers now in their watery graves, the last-chance world of desperate hopers, and remembered my dad quoting these famous lines of Robert Burns:


I’ve taken to travelling with my little mousey compass – it makes me feel as though I know where I am!


And regular journeys in a new place quickly throw up new landmarks. In Brooklyn, despite the mess, muck and mayhem forever gathering beneath it, the statuesque green structure of the elevated BQE became a daily fascination, dipping and swerving on its green curvaceous bolted iron struts.


A newly painted yellow wall with blue lettering, an orderly stack of tyres, wild graffiti, huge trucks and mobile homes parked under the dusty belly of the highway became my reference points on the way to building 7 Industry City, where inside Door 33 WestElm have their swish new Makers Space.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.13.21

It’s a most imaginative venture for a company to devote so much space to the hand-made and individually developed, and I’m proud and pleased to be part of that commitment.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 16.37.58

IMG_7755The Open Studio day was filled with interested visitors fascinated by the processes shown – from first sketches to finished samples; we had rooms with weaving, embroidery, sewing, pottery and wire sculpting along with our studio of painters, designers and makers.

And there were childrens’ activities – largely hijacked by their parents as it turned out! I enjoyed meeting so many people and talking about it all. And I enjoyed the other days too when I was there working quietly on my own – in a very luxurious version of home from home; particularly as the cuckoo that chirped on the hour reminded me kindly of my own birdy clock in London.

DSC00811My hotel room in the East Village faced a park – admittedly a car park – with the famous crazy clock and rooftop statue of Lenin to the north. The cars way below me were parked on racks four shelves high. I spent quite a lot of time in awe as I watched the guy sort them out like a game of motor solitaire, moving the platforms up and down, repositioning the cars – this one in, that one out – with Vladimir Iliych keeping an eye on the lot of us.


Back home preparations accelerate for my short teaching trip to Guadalajara next monday; I’ve bought a new red suitcase in its honour – it does that great wheel-beside-you thing, like a big friendly pet. And for the students I’ve invested in some of those wizard auto-fade pens from the ever-helpful George Weil – they’re always a comfort for drawing straight onto cloth, and I think unavailable in Mexico. We’re also organising things for the Textile Society visits when I return in May. I’m told there’s one last-minute vacancy on May 11th – so if you’d like to take it, and are a member, do get in touch with the events dept here.


I’ll miss the opening party next week for the ‘Re-work it’ installation at Selfridges but expect to be there for the live auction on 9th June. Madame Chair finished up as quite a high flyer and will soon be swinging and swanning around in the best artistic currents; there are already a couple of nice blogs written, including an account by Dr Alasdair himself…


As for me – there’s talk of turning me into a living book in the Museum of Empathy’s Human Library on sunday May 10th at The Whitechapel Gallery. As part of Hubbub’s Refashion East project and with twenty or so others in the fashion and related industries, our experiences will be free to be referenced much as a book might be – except that we’ll be speaking our ‘pages’ as they’re metaphorically riffled through by the audience of questioners.

human book

And much further ahead – on October 17th I’ll be leading another workshop for young people at the V&A as part of their Create learning programme; this time we’ll be taking the Fabric of India exhibition as our starting point. It’s a great day, especially for GCSE and Btech students to enjoy a bit of hands-on work from a slightly different point of view.

I finally opened those big boxes in my hall – and now the contents are sitting patiently on my sofa waiting. In New York I visited the Michael Miller Fabrics offices and saw lovely new photographs of some of their product ideas and quilts made from the Melodies collection; and I’m busy hatching a few plans of my own.


 I love it when the samples come in – I’m getting boxes from WestElm too – but there’s just the awkward little matter of where to put everything…

Thanks to Molly, Steve, Jonathan and Lola.


11 thoughts on “here, there and back again

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  2. Hi Sarah,
    I love reading your blog, its so bright and colorful. In fact I am siting here wearing a skirt that I painted myself! I am currently working with a group of adults with disabilities and mental health issues and we are making a collaborative art piece for Cheltenham Open Studios. Its based around a table for everyone to sit at, not matter what. We are just in the process of decorating chairs, a little inspired by your mention of The Art Room work that you have just done. i have been trying to find images of the chairs for the group to look at and be inspired by. Do you have know where I can find images, I have ahd a look at the Auction site and they do not seem to be up yet. I have tried searching for the chairs on any images of Selfridges but no luck. Any ideas?
    I would really appreciate any suggestions you have.

    Jo Teague

    • Images do seem to be hard to come by! I have a few that friends have taken (I haven’t got to Selfridges yet) and will send you by email. Sounds a very interesting project.

  3. Every one of your blog posts makes me smile and momentarily transports me to the places you’re writing about. It’s fabulous to go on travels (albeit virtual ones) with you. I feel I notice many of the same things as you do in life, but you are able to express them so eloquently and add such vibrant and beautiful illustrations too. Such talent. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love the New York account. I love that city. Enjoyed drawing and painting there last October and particularly enjoyed the highline railway garden again. Enjoy your travels. April

  5. I loved your account as you make it seem all so easy and enjoyable and visually exciting and I hope I shall see you when you return from Mexico. David xx

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