all ing a day’s work

cup on newspaperThe art of ing – we’re all at it!

rainy sunday mornI’m talk-

ing about a recent sunday, a day of rest. It was rain-

ing first thing, so no taichi; these are some of the things I found myself do-

ing. I began by back-

ing up the computer, my sunday ritual, read-

ing the mail, check-

ing my bank account. Scattered and assorted fabrics needed fold-

ing. Breakfast needed eat-wider pile of fabrics

ing, coffee drink-

ing while read-

ing the catalogue of the RA Revolution exhibition and enjoy-

ing the ceramics in particular – as I had done at the show.

russian ceramic

Time for tweet-calligraphy

ing to @designmuseum’s font sunday the lovely calligraphy envelope sent to me by knitt-

ing pal Sandra. Then to unpack-

ing the huge box in my small hall and distribut-

ing the product therein, newly arrived from West Elm.

Answer-vases on shelf

ing some online enquiries – old designs, new fabrics, possible courses etc.Art of Pattern ethnic board Think-

ing about upcoming workshops: calico paint-

ing and super sketchbook-sketchbook workshops collage

ing at the Fashion and Textile Museum, and a new short course on July 1st just book-

ing at Selvedge. Writ-

ing lesson plans. Reflect-

ing on a young designer’s questions about selling design and arrang-

ing to talk on the phone later. Paint-Lola's card on red ground

ing a birthday card for a great-niece and then wrapp-

ing her present to take in the evening. Post-

ing some pictures of the 8 year-old grandson’s10th birthday blow-out
birthday candle blow-out on saturday. Complet-

ing the hand-made archive cards, pack-

ing them up and then deliver-

ing them, with the rest of the greeting-card order, to the FTM, wear-4 handmade cards

my new best friend on my coating my new best-friend fabric brooch, Seraphina, and stopp-

ing there to have a little chat. Return-

ing via the shops to buy food for monday’s supper with a friend. Wish-

Women's March On Londoning like mad that I’d got to the womens’ march in London. Sweep-

ing the kitchen floor, again, and wash-

washing uping up, again, do-

ing the laundry, but not mak-feeding Liberace

ing the bed. Feed-

ing the goldfish. Tak-

ing out the recycling bag. Read-

ing the Sunday Observer and do-

ing the sudoku. Try-

ing to do the cryptic crossword while eat-

ing a tomato and avocado salad which was a bit too rich, then discover-

sunday Observering the article in the colour mag on Sally Coulthard’s new book Studio, about creat-

ing creative spaces, of which I’m a part. Thank-

ing Sally and Rich Cunningham on various social media. Eat-

ing supper with aforementioned great-niece. Then home, runn-

ing a bath and read-

ing the new sample chapter of my mother’s biography. Travell-

ing back and forth in my mind. Listen-new studio slither

ing to BBC Radio3 Seven Ages of Woman with Fiona Shaw read-

ing Elizabeth Bishop’s poem One Art, which begins ‘The art of los-

ing isn’t hard to master’. Plann-

ing work for the week ahead, look-

ing continuously at the paintings for WestElm, the Bangladesh project, new scarves and fabrics et al that I’m currently work-

ing on as I’m mov-

ing between rooms. Minor adjustments made. Paint-Neil's birthday card

ing two more birthday cards for Tuesday and Wednesday friends.Molly's birthday card To bed, writ-

ing my list for tomorrow last thing at night and then sleep-

ing on it. Dream-

ing dreams of be-

ing deserted by others runn-

ing ahead, the blighters, into unknown crowds; but on the plus side I’m left behind in the company of this folded sumptuous and amaz-

ingly rich and verdant tapestry!

green dream tapestry

Thanks to Mariana

The present participle is a participle that ends in ing. It can be used with the auxiliary verb ‘to be’ to form the continuous tense. It always takes the ‘ing’ form of the verb, even irregular verbs have an ‘…ing’ form, in fact virtually all English words that end with ‘ing’ are present participles.

Studio collage

24 thoughts on “all ing a day’s work

  1. Dear Sarah,
    Wish to receive three 2018 calendars to 14 Morton Street, Leamington Spa CV32 5SY but baffled a little by procedure – will ask Daniel grandson to help out next week unless you can help?
    Sorry but have just moved house and all is a whirl love Dave xx

  2. I am thrilled with my calendar and shall enjoy using it. The spotted cat is to be a gift. All came safe and well and pronto quick. Grania

  3. Have you read the poem ” i see a peacock with a fiery tail” its an old poem that plays around with sentence structure in a similar way. I love the version illustrated by Ramsingh Urveti. Have a look at it, I think you will enjoy the riotous patterns it uses.

  4. Dear Sarah,

    So very amusing and clever and busy – it made me laugh and that on a Monday morning – I ask you! I also marvelled at your juggling act where doing was wrapped up in thought.
    Just in case you missed it, The Sunday Times magazine this weekend, profiled among others, Clarissa Farr who is retiring from a position at St Paul’s girl school and she turns out to have been a very sensible Head Mistress, who did a lot of good in the school for ten years.See you soonish, I hope.
    Dave -Cheers x

  5. Wow! You get so much more done in a Sunday than I do!! I greatly enjoyed this peek into your daily routine!

  6. This is truly one of your best, dear Sarah, both in its clever writing format and the glorious colors and designs that are so perfectly YOU! Thank
    ing you ever so much and know
    ing your bad dreams are turn
    ing into lovely ones! xxx

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