the eyes have it


I came down to earth with a bump: one minute looking up at the stars, the next tripping on something uneven, I was sprawled on the ground, knocked senseless. Continue reading

song and dance

I’ve remarked before how often it seems that people are drawn to each other by the similarities of their clothing – the colour, pattern or textures. Continue reading

a yellow hello

archive yellow painting 1980s

The house directly opposite the short-cut path to the station has a chrome yellow front door; it matches the ‘up-and-over’ of the garage and on the drive sits a modest canary coloured car. Continue reading

Hurray for Spring!

Hurray for Spring – time to clean the windows and let in the sun!

One of the students I’ve been working with almost fell off her stool when I proved I could indeed ask for 2 beetroots in Moroccan!

The 6th form BTEC students are busy designing and making glamorous ‘own label’ red dresses and once a week I’m there to aid and abet, maybe to give a different point of view, think about things from another position – very stimulating for me and I hope for them.

A recent short holiday chez my friend in Morocco resulted in the beetroot purchases – she suddenly had to be in hospital; I suddenly had to be the cook! She is the brilliant and witty ceramicist Stephenie Bergman, an old schoolfriend. She’s better now by the way, and I had the chance to read and draw and drowse in the sun.

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