Hurray for Spring!

Hurray for Spring – time to clean the windows and let in the sun!

One of the students I’ve been working with almost fell off her stool when I proved I could indeed ask for 2 beetroots in Moroccan!

The 6th form BTEC students are busy designing and making glamorous ‘own label’ red dresses and once a week I’m there to aid and abet, maybe to give a different point of view, think about things from another position – very stimulating for me and I hope for them.

A recent short holiday chez my friend in Morocco resulted in the beetroot purchases – she suddenly had to be in hospital; I suddenly had to be the cook! She is the brilliant and witty ceramicist Stephenie Bergman, an old schoolfriend. She’s better now by the way, and I had the chance to read and draw and drowse in the sun.

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