22 thoughts on “on the road again

  1. Gosh look at your avalanche of comments! And what a blog that continues to be such a treat and feast for the eyes and mind. And I agree to the awful logos and paucity of imagination in the branding – for whatever reason. Brazil’s is already beautiful and swirly celebrating movement and colour. I could go on….but hooray for Danny Boyle.

  2. Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring two days of scarf painting. It felt like a “mini holiday” from life – just as your blog posts always feel like a refreshing mini-break from everything else on my computer!

  3. I have so enjoyed your blog and artwork. Three days ago I had no idea who you or your sister were. I was looking for some new sheets and couldn’t find any I liked so I picked three of my favorite old ones and jotted down the information on the labels to see if I could find something similar on line. There the learning began. All three sets of sheets were made by the same people! Imagine my surprise and I spent the next two days reading about you.
    The first and favorite set of your sheets, that I bought those many years ago, is sort of a Peacock blue with sprigs of pink flowers and pods. The pillow cases are bordered with big cabbage roses and all are edged with hot pink satin piping! I haven’t found any pictures of this pattern and wonder if you could tell me what it’s name was?
    Well I guess there are no more of your beautiful sheets in my future but I am delighted to have found you and your work on line.
    Maggie Marx

    • What a lovely story, Maggie – thank you – I’m glad you persevered. If you sent an image via ‘contact’ I could probably identify the patterns. And don’t be too sure you won’t have more! There are two patterns at present in M&S (see previous blog) and more may be on the way…

  4. I am so delighted to find your wonderful blog and it’s artwork. I did not know of your existence until yesterday. I have been searching for some new sheets only to be terribly disappointed that I couldn’t find any half as beautiful as my three favorite well worn ones from many years ago. I thought to look at the tags and try to discover their origin by computer. Imagine my surprise do discover, regardless of where I had purchased them or the brand, that all three of them were designed by you and your sister.
    I have spent hours since reading about you and delighting in your work. I am saddened by the loss of your sister and the realization that there will probably be no new Colliere Campbell sheets in my future. My absolute favorite were the first ones I found many years ago at Macy’s. They are sort of peacock blue with sprigs of pink and blue flowers with pods. The pillow cases are bordered with big pink roses and all edged with hot pink satin. No site I have visited has shown this pattern and I have wondered what it was called.
    Well, I am just pleased as punch to have learned about you and your work and I want to thank you for the pleasure you have brought to me all these years.

  5. Hi Sarah
    Lovely blog as usual, the nasturtiums are gorgeous.
    We must try and find the time for another picnic.
    Love Sally

  6. Went to see the Torch go down Cedars Rd in Clapham – met several neighbours, so it was a sociable event and nice to see families having picnics underneath the trees.
    Jenny Cobley
    Broadhinton Rd.

  7. Sarah, I don’t quite know why I am receiving your blog and to my disappointment I have been deleting them as junk! Today, I thought I’d have a look. What joy your words and your wit, your exuberance and your lovely illustrations gave this reader and looker. I look forward to many, many more. Anne.

  8. When we had to endure the 1984 Olympics here in Los Angeles, it was much the same thing – boring, ordinary logo and designs! Still, I envy you having the games there with you; their spirit is beautiful and mighty regardless of inherent artistic failures. Will be watching the opening ceremony this weekend and think of you. Re: nasturtiums . . . I adore them. I’ve had them growing in pots in my patio garden for years, and am amused how over time they’ve jumped from one side of my patio to the other, suddenly sprouting from a pot of pansies or snapdragons! I began with one plant in 2000, and now I have a half-dozen – sneaky things that they are. The results of your class at the V&A are quite stunning, Sarah. No doubt you are a fabulous teacher (and mentor). Much success to you on 8/4. As usual, your new blog post has brightened my day immeasurably. Loads of love to you!

  9. I couldn’t agree more about the dismal quality of the Olympic publicity, starting with the ugly and only semi-legible ‘2012’ logo; the pointlesness of the one-eyed dolls Wenlock and someone or other; and worst of all the cringe-making vulgarity of the characters in the advertisements. Were they meant to be comic? Witty? They make me flinch each time I’m inadvertently obliged to notice one. All together, they’ve succeeded in putting me off being enthusiastic about the Olympics in case that implied endorsing the publicity. Oh Sarah, if only they’d asked you and your team to do the job…..it would have been glorious, and done Britain’s reputation so much good!

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